Roomee Farm (OPC) Private Limited was originally set up in 2011 as a proprietorship under the title of “Romee Farm”.

We are a multi-crop plantation company. We are diversified producer of green chili, capsicum, tomato, brinjal, cucumber, bitter gourd and banana. We are also producer of baby plant of cabbage, capsicum and cucumber.

We produce average 110000 Kilogram (1100 Tonne) Indian traditional wheat per year. We mainly produce two types of wheat.

Indian Medium Bread Wheat – HD2786. It is the standard mill quality wheat in medium grain size and appearance dry Gluten 9% and Protein 10%. The flour is suitable for non-fermented flat Indian bread chapatti, naan, puri etc.

Indian Soft Bread Wheat – NHZ. It is in medium grain size and appearance dry Gluten 7% and Protein 9.5 %. This product is suitable for eastern food habits, biscuit making etc.

We are also producer of organic wheat. Roomee Farm (OPC) Private Limited plays the vital role of preserving the traditional agricultural “Organic Farming” system. The dream of growing organically enriched crops and providing shelter and occupation to many tribal living in and around Roomee Farm (OPC) Private Limited. We chased our dreams for a better and brighter future for the people and the environment.


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